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Webmatic version 2.0 its finally released
November 29 2004 (00:00:00) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

Webmatic version 2.0 its finally released, changes from version 1.9 are:

Some optimizations and reorganization to the source code, now Webmatic runs with more speed. The source code now have more modularity and the system its now less heavy for the hosting server.
Fully tested with Internet Explorer 5.0+, Netscape 6.2+ and Opera 6.0+.
Banners exchange module added for the users.
Languages management section added, now the languages are taken from database.
Now you can create more than one administrator (with the relative permissions).
Daily average added to the statistics.
Management of the panels and menu bar was improved, so now they are easier to use.
Some improvements to the user to user messages section, now an user can send a message to all the members of his group.
Some improvements to little market section.
The style system was improved.
The newsletters may now be sent only to a users group.
Two new styles added "Blueline", "Soft" and "Elegant".
Some bugs was fixed in news and forum sections.
Bugs were fixed in the rotational banners module.
Some minor bugs were fixed.

Go to the DEMO section to see the changes.
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