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Webmatic 2.1 beta work in progress (going to version 2.1)
March 03 2005 (00:00:00) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

Webmatic version 2.1 beta (work in progress version) the changes are:

Fixed search function for media album.
Now you can create media albums for all visitors, only for registered users or only for a group of users.
Visualization bug fixed in media album for all the styles.
Added function that show the folders content in file upload section.
Now its possible to insert a flash logo.
Control panel improved (now its more simple to use the preferences, the metatags and the file manager).
Media album section added, now its possible to create and manage, in an easy way, one or more archives for pictures, videos or music media files.
Database enanched and more stable.
Now you can create pages only for a group of users.
Some bugs fixed in the FTP section.
Some minor bugs were fixed.

Go to the DEMO section to see the changes.
Webmatic 2.1 its coming soon.
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