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Webmatic 3.0.4 released
March 28 2010 (13:29:52) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

Webmatic 3.0.4 was released, this new version includes interesting changes and fix some possible cross-site scripting (XSS) security bugs. Upgrade your website to Webmatic 3.0.4 as soon as possible.

Details of the changes since version 3.0.3:

- Captcha check added in some forms;
- Added function that show the total database space used;
- Added in the forum section a function that sand a notification email when an user reply in a discussion;
- Added GD extension check in the setup;
- Added preview image for the skins and 2 new skins added ("lex" and "green");
- Added database backup and restore section for the super user;
- "Folders management" section enanced;
- Website foot informations now working fine;
- HTML editor enanced;
- Kernel functions started (useful for ajax support);
- Fixed some security bugs;
- Other 20 minor bugs was fixed;
- Minor code optimizations.

Go to Webmatic online test to see the new version, or download Webmatic 3.0.4.
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