Webmatic 3.0.1 released
A new version of Webmatic (3.0.1) was released, in this version a lot of bugs was fixed and some features was improved and fixed.

Changes from version 3.0.0:

- Rss feeds now working fine;
- Printable news now working fine;
- Added printable orders function for ecommerce section;
- Added printable version, more informations and send to friend functions for an ecommerce product;
- Setup now also check the correct mysql version needed;
- Banners exchange user code now working fine;
- Little enhancements to the skins and new skin added (Soft);
- Now you can read the emails in Webmail page;
- Added informations section to the control panel;
- Expansion pages and panels fixed (now expansions working fine);
- Fixed a bug that not show users list in login panel when an administrator is logged;
- Visualization bugs fixed when browse a product;
- Visualization bug fixed in login form;
- Bugs fixed in hourly statistics section;
- Bug fixed in chat page;
- Other 12 minor bugs was fixed.

Go to Webmatic online test to see the new version, or download Webmatic 3.0.1.
September 12 2009 (newsID #162)