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Creato il November 02 2004 (08:44:05), moderator: arraffaele (group: Default)
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February 14 2008 (15:25:06)

forground swf images

Thanks for making your flashlets free.

However, when I change the foreground image in the Fog flashlet to a different swf image, the image is not displayed. Does the swf file require to be saved with any particular properties (version, compression, etc.)?

February 18 2008 (11:48:01)

I have this problem only if i use a progressive .jpg file as a foreground image, any .swf that i use works fine.<br>You can try to <b>use old .swf format</b> like flash version <= 7, you can compile the .swf in old flash format also from the last version of macromedia flash.<br>

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