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Creato il July 19 2009 (16:57:42), moderator: arraffaele (group: Default)
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September 07 2023 (15:40:51)

Questions about porting to Allegro5

Hello Team,
I played ghosts and goblins a long time ago :) and I found this excellent remake. I'm very curious about how this was made. How did the developer get the source code ? Was it the assembly original code ? Did he get the source of the 3 games used in this remake ? I didn't find anywhere the explanation of the process of porting an Arcade Game to C/C++.

I see that this port was built with Allegro4. Do you have any ideia about the amount of work needed to port to Allegro5 ? I was thinking about porting this game to Rust and there is an Rust Allegro wrapper for Allegro5 so this would be more simple to do.

Many thanks for your time.

September 07 2023 (19:42:26)

no all code was rewritten in C++ from scratch (you can download the game and also the GPL source code from this website), no original asm code (from any of 3 games) was used.

The port was build in allegro 4, no porting its possible to allegro 5 without rewriting a large part of the code (due to the large differences between allegro4 and allegro5) and spend big time .

I don't use rust so I can't tell you how much work it might take to do the porting in rust + allegro5


September 07 2023 (20:49:21)

This is really incredible, I finally found some info about people doing reverse engineering and doing it the way I thought you did:
Well, you did it without any ROMs or ASM source, this is really amazing, congratulations!
I have the source code and it works. I have some problems with video resolutions and playing MIDI files but I will investigate. I use Ubuntu for this.
I understand that converting from Allegro4 to Allegro5 might be a gigantic effort, I will think about it.
Thanks !

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