Webmatic 2.3.5 work in progress version, going to 2.4
Webmatic version 2.3.5 (work in progress version) the changes are:

Added webmail module (work in progress), the module let you to create a page when you can read and send email from your website, you can connect the page with the pop server you want.
Bug fixed and graphic optimization for trend section (in statistics module).
Overwrite check added in the upload section.
Ecommerce section enanched, added extra feedback and printable page for products. Now you can insert more pictures for a product. Its now also possible to added extra customizable fields for the products.
Added custom fields in the ecommerce module (now you can create custom fields for your products).
Bug fixed when you search a product in ecommerce section.
Some options added.
Minor code optimization.
Some minor bugs fixed.

Go to ONLINE DEMO to see the changes.
Version 2.4 its coming soon.
December 08 2005 (newsID #131)