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Creato il November 02 2004 (08:44:05), moderator: arraffaele (group: Default)
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April 24 2006 (11:31:43)

Bug found and fixed!

Interesting. I tried WM_Zoomfade and put it on a test site. It does not start automatically. Had to force a refresh or get a photo manually. On a local PC OK. On a local LAN webserver OK.

April 24 2006 (11:32:35)

Forgot to mention. I use a Mozilla based browser. For the price it is a good deal but not if it only works with IE.

April 24 2006 (11:33:12)

All the flashlets are made in flash format (swf) so the flashlets are compatible with all the browsers that have installed the flash player plugin, you can find the flash plugin in the Macromedia official website

April 24 2006 (11:33:45)

The flash plugin is installed and works with any other "Flash Site". It works on the site in 1st post but only after a "reload page" is clicked on the browser or if all the SWFs and JPGs are in cache. I really liked this toy. <img src=pic/smiles/s5.gif align=absmiddle>

April 24 2006 (11:38:04)

Loading bug found for all the flashlets with netscape, mozilla and opera. The bug its fixed now.
The bug was fixed from 1.06 version of webmatic flashlets. From version 1.06 all the flashlets are 100% compatible with all the browsers that supporting flash.
Tanks to all the users.

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