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Creato il July 13 2009 (18:54:57), moderator: arraffaele (group: Default)
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August 17 2009 (15:29:48)

Failure of Content Preferences to Update

I tried editing the content preferences (Preferences / Content). All of the fields updated except "Home page content" and "Site Tailer".

When I clicked Save, the default home page content was always restored, erasing what I had written.

I was able to change the site tailer (footer) once, but later changes always went back to my first edit.


August 17 2009 (17:37:22)

You must first select the content reletive to a language and click in the first "Save".
After you can change the fields relative to choosen language and click the "Save" in the bottom of the form,
you have try that !!!

August 17 2009 (17:38:36)

I think its better rename the first "Save" with "Change language" or "Choose language"

August 18 2009 (14:57:25)

Wow! It's really easy when you know what you're doing.

Thanks for the tip, and yes, I agree a different label for the top Save would be a good idea. Maybe "Confirm Language Choice" if it's necessary to click that button even if "English" (in my case) is shown on both sides of the button. If not, then one of the changes you suggested would be good.

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