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Creato il July 18 2011 (21:30:49), moderator: arraffaele (group: Default)
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April 13 2012 (16:45:31)

Own Webmatic Skin

I use Webmatic since a few days. I like it, it makes it easy to create websites with very much features. But I have got two questions:
1.Is there a way to change the blue header? I helped myself, I put an image into the page title (<img src="...">) and changed the logo to a transparent image with 1x1 pixel, but there is still a blue frame.
2. Is there a way to create your own Webmatic skin with .gif or .png images without to learn php? Could I upload it to the download page of Valarsoft?

Kind regards,

April 13 2012 (20:31:31)

a good way to create custom skin its to get from here one of the webmatic's skins and modify it.

But to modify a skin you need to known html and css (not php).
You can find some (but incomplete) informations about webmatic skin system here:
If you want to modify the header color of a skin you must modify the "head" class in .css skin file, for example "skins/lex/lex.css"


April 13 2012 (22:08:01)

Hello arraffaele,
thank you for the answer. I thought, I have to learn php, because my file manager shows all the .inc-files with a PHP-Icon . Well, I know a little bit HTML, I'll try to edit a few themes.

If I made some things you could describe as "new themes" I'm going to load them up and post the download link here!


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