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Creato il February 03 2010 (15:05:04), moderator: arraffaele (group: Default)
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Author Message

August 06 2010 (11:11:53)

Admin password malfunction.

The supplied admin password ('admin') is rejected by AlbumE.
Please check and advice.

Ben Vaker

August 08 2010 (17:07:01)

For security reason in the albume examples you can not enter in admin section, the AlbumE examples are used only to show some AlbumE differents configurations

August 09 2010 (10:35:38)

Okay? I download the software, install it and am not alowed to use it as admin ?!?!?!?!?!?!

For what reason is the software written?

August 09 2010 (11:28:01)

Sorry!!! I do not understand your first question ...
the default password for albume is "admin" if the password do
not work you can try to delete the "config.php" file to reset the password (and all
albume configuration) to default value

If do not work again please check your cookies configuration in your browser (you must have the cookies enabled)

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