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Webmatic online test

You can use the online test of Webmatic.
To use the Webmatic online test just click on the image.

The fundamental operations for the use of Webmatic (and therefore of the online test) they are the followings:

You can use and enter in the Webmatic administrator area by add the string "index.php?stage=2" at the end of the online test website address (the LOGIN and the PASSWORD are "admin").

You can go to the online test website home page simply by click on the picture above.

Its also possible to consult the last copy of the online Webmatic manual [it].

Attention:  It is possible that more then one user are using the Webmatic online test simultaneously, so it is possible that the changes done in the webmatic online test with the Webmatic editor can be overwritten by the changes of other users that still using the online test, therefore some changes can give unexpected results.

To give suggestions, questions or to send signalings of errors for the Webmatic software, click on the envelope.

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