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New applet section
February 20 2003 (00:00:00) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

New applet section with some upgade added, now you can download the applets directly from website.
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Work in progress
February 19 2003 (00:00:00) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

New modules for Webmatic are in progress, that new modules will be inserted in the Webmatic version 1.3
There is some new modules like:

E-commerce module (with online products catalog);
Detailed web access statistics module.

The E-commerce module let you to manage your credit card transaction.

The Webmatic version 1.3 its coming soon.
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Webmatic 1.2 released
December 22 2002 (00:00:00) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

Webmatic 1.2 is finally released. New features are added to Webmatic 1.2 package:

- File manager added (now the file can be upload directly online);
- User messages module added;
- Some bug fixed in the "channels" module;
- The editor's user interface now is more light;
- Little HTML editor added to simplify the page creation;
- New applet added;
- Some minor bug fixed.
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Webmatic 1.1 released
November 24 2002 (00:00:00) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

Webmatic 1.1 is finally released. New features are added to Webmatic 1.1 package:
- New styles system with more powerful graphics;
- New applet (snow effect) added;
- Now the news are devided by categories (with images);
- Some minor bug fixed.

You can see the new Webmatic 1.1 DEMO in the demo page.
You can download Webmatic 1.1 from the DOWNLOAD page.
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New Webmatic style added
November 12 2002 (00:00:00) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

New Webmatic style has been added. To download it please go to the Webmatic support page, the new style is "violet".
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Two applets added to the Webmatic package
November 05 2002 (00:00:00) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

Two applets have been added to the Webmatic package. The two applets are the implementation of two visual effects, the first is a simulation of a star field, the second is the rain effect.
To visualize the applets simple click on the APPLETS link.
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New icons pack added
November 02 2002 (00:00:00) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

Added a new icons pack (25 misc icons gif 35x27 format and 256 colors). You can use the icons with Webmatic. Visit the support page to download the pack.
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Webmatic 1.0 released
October 24 2002 (00:00:00) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

The Webmatic version 1.0 is finally released, to buy and download Webmatic 1.0 please click here.
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