Webmatic 3.0.2 released
November 19 2009 (10:38:32) Author: arraffaele (0 comments)

A new version of Webmatic (3.0.2) was released, in this new version a lot of bugs was fixed and some features was improved and fixed (specially the skins system).

Changes from version 3.0.1:

- Added languages management section in administrator area;
- Added top rating in downloads section;
- Added move function in media album section;
- Added cart expire function and fixed special offers panel for the ecommerce section;
- Added feature that allows an user to insert an item in the directory;
- Added German translation (thanks to meditux);
- Improved and bugfixed the webmail section, now you can send email with attachments;
- Basic statistics improved;
- Skin system improved and new skin added (Steel), you can now create skins even more diversified;
- Fixed bug that did not allow the display of the news comments;
- Fixed bug when send the newsletter in HTML format;
- Fixed bug in ecommerce section when you edit a product that have custom fields;
- Fixed small bug in the setup;
- Other 21 minor bugs was fixed;
- Minor code optimizations.

Go to Webmatic online test to see the new version, or download Webmatic 3.0.2.
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